Saturday, June 27, 2009

Starting Over

Come in..sit down..oh you're already sitting? Well, jolly good then.

I felt like it was time to start anew, and thanks to my friend Kelly, (go check out her blog!'ll wait) who came with the awesome new name, here I am! Now, I like blogging, but alas I am not very good at it, you might even say I'm a sucky blogger - I don't update as often as I should - my posts are often boring and lets face it, I'm not even all that crafty! But hopefully those are just a few things I plan on changing over here.

I've recently gained a knitting bug (please let me know if yours is missing) which I'm loving! I now spend my nights knitting and watching tv, which is a lot easier than watching tv while sewing which you can really only do in the ads as sewing machines aren't exactly quiet. In gaining the knitting bug I seem have to lost my sewing mojo/bug - hopefully it will return in time for the summer in time to sew the girls some clothes. I'm now obsessed with yarn and not fabric - I've even destashed my fabric to make more room for my yarn stash, which has to be a good thing...right?

Oh and just before I go, I'll apoligise now for my lack of photography skills - I do try my best although sometimes my best isn't quite good enough (or even close to good.) I'm getting better at taking photos of the kids, but when it comes to other things such as things that don't move (i.e knitting) I really suck. How hard can it be I hear you say? To be honest not very, it's just one of those things I've never been able to master.