Sunday, January 31, 2010

FO: Teddys Summer Breeze

More clothes for Teddy!

DSCF1703 - resized 
Pattern : Kaia Babydoll (Dolly Sized) by Rachel Evans
Yarn :  Bodice and Lace – BWM Cotton, Skirt – Patons Smoothie (don’t know yardage)

DSCF1699 - resized

Another quick test-knit for the lovely Rachel.  This time a doll sized Kaia Babydoll.  As you can see Teddy is rather pleased with her new outfit (she’s getting quite a collection now)
 DSCF1688 - resized 
Not entirely happy with the lace at the bottom nor my cast off, should have done a stretchier cast off instead of being a lazy bum! But I’m sure Teddy won’t complain.

DSCF1700 - resized

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Two Little Dickie Birds

Two little dickie birds,
Sitting on a wall;
One named Peter,
The other named Paul.
Fly away Peter!
Fly away Paul!
Come Back Peter!
Come Back Paul

DSCF1734 - resized

Normally I don’t knit toys – the whole sewing up seams and sewing on limbs etc completely puts me off, but when I needed a quick gift for Zoes friend I found this pattern - Sweet Little Bird, I decided to give it a whirl.  And “Little Birdie” was born.

DSCF1721 - resized

When Morgan saw him, she informed me “knit red birdie moo” so he was soon followed by “Big Red” (seen below trying to find worms for his lunch)

DSCF1738 - resized

They only took a few hours to knit up (even with a very persistent toddler trying to help some of the time) and used of some of my scraps.  The purple one weighs 17gms (including stuffing) and the red one (wool held double stranded) uses 41gms wool, although he doesn’t have a tail as I ran out of wool.

I’ll definitely be knitting some more of these in the near future.  And at least one more in the very near future, Zoe has put in a request for a nice colourful birdie.

DSCF1741 - resized

Monday, January 25, 2010

Crafty Goodness

Oops meant to post this a couple of weeks ago

Now that all the crafty goodness I’ve been working on has made it to its new homes I can start showing it off.  First up we have some fingerless gloves that I made for mum for Christmas.


I used the Fetching pattern as it was one I’d knit before and I knew it would be a quick knit. I hate doing the thumb bits so I changed them a bit, I don’t think it looks as good but it was easier for me (and I knew once I’d cast off they were finished).  Mums now put in a request for a matching hat.

Next we have some thick squishy dishcloths made for a friend for a SS gift (I used the Easy Peasy Dishcloths pattern)



Some little snowmen for a Christmas decoration swap (will link to a pattern shortly)

DSCF1309 - resized
And finally some yarn dyed up for yarn swaps on TNN

DSCF1531 - resized
DSCF1533 - resized

Not as much crafty stuff as I was planning but I’m hoping to do as many handmade gifts as I can this year.  Stay tuned for tomorrows post on what crafty goodness I’ve received lately :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

FO Pinkalicious

DSCF1595 - resized 
Pattern : Pinwheel Sun Hat (8ply or DK version) by StitchyMama
Yarn :  70gms Moda Vera Bamboo/Cotton

TNN 10 in 2010 – babies and kids - #1

I was looking through my yarn stash the other day and mentioned that this yarn would make a cute sunhat for Morgan.  Well my little madam overheard me, and kept passing me the ball of yarn, pointing to my needles and telling me “Moo hat”.  Every time I dared out the needles down for a minute, she’d pick up everything and bring it back to me “Moo hat mum” needless to say we ended up with big tangles a few times *insert rolly eyes emoticon here*

Love this pattern, super easy knit this time, the last time I knit this pattern, thanks to Kelly - I realised I had been doing my YO’s wrong  which would explain why a couple of lace type patterns I’d tried to do hadn’t worked out too well.   I think it turned out super cute and I love the way the yarn knits up.

As you can see Morgan loves her new hat (shes also quite the little poser) and has worn it a lot, I wasn’t even allowed to sew in the ends or block the edge until she went down for a nap.

(click for a better view – will open in new window)Pinkalicious

Friday, January 8, 2010

FO Summer Breeze

Another delayed FO post, was finished in November.

DSCF1240 - resized 
Pattern : Kaia Babydoll by Rachel Evans
Yarn :  Bodice and Lace – 62gm BWM Cotton, Skirt – 82gms Patons Smoothie

The size 2 test knit of the revised Kaia Babydoll I was supposed to do, instead of taking a quick detour and doing this one.

Made this one out of cotton and acrylic and even did the lace down the bottom as per pattern.  Still love this pattern. very quick and easy knit and the result is a gorgeous little top that can be worn on its own or overtop of something.  Looking forward to knitting lots more!

(click for a better view – will open in new window)
Summer Breeze

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Little Knitter

Morgan loves watching me knit and always likes to know who I’m knitting for.  She picked up some of my knitting needles this afternoon, pointed to my wool stash and said “I knit mummy”, I passed her what was in arms reach and she sat on her stool “knitting”

DSCF1519 - resized

DSCF1521 - resized 

DSCF1523 - resized

Friday, January 1, 2010

TNN 10 in 2010

**edited 6 Jan to add another couple of sections**

Over on Ravelry, a new group has been started for TNN members and friends.  It’s a wee bit of a knitting challenge to knit 10 things in 2010, there’s about 9 categories to join in.  At this stage I’m joining 5 (now 7)  different categories so that means at least 50(70) items from me next year *gulp*  including a pair of socks *double gulp*

Under each category I’ve started listing patterns I’d like to knit, the list is still very much a WIP, some of them are bound to change due to my indecisiveness.  As time goes by I’ll mark things off and maybe include a picture so I know what I’ve done :)

(all links below are currently Ravelry links)

One Skein Knits and Dishcloths

Just going to be dishcloths to go along with the new monthly dishcloth KAL at KrisKnits

Charity Projects

Undecided here as of yet


Pinkalicious (Blog post here)
Pattern: Pinwheel Sunhat by StitchyMama

Rainbow Dress
Paxton Jacket (for a special little boy)
Bloom  (x 2 - one for Morgan in 8ply, one for Zoe in 10ply)
Oriental Lily (x2 for Morgan)
Milo for Morgan for the winter
Pinwheel Beanie for Zoe
Little miss greenjeans probably for Morgan

MCN Knitting

Ladybug Loops Longies/Shorties
Ultimate Longies
Looking Glass Longies

Dolls Clothes

Dolly Bloom
Poppy Cardigan
Pinny for a Dolly (x3 – Jo, Amy and Beth)

1 of each

Dolls Clothing
Teddys Summer Breeze
Pattern: Kaia Babydoll (doll sized) by Rachel Evans

DSCF1703 - resized

Little Birdie
Pattern: Sweet Little Bird by Raynor Gellatly

DSCF1721 - resized

Adult knit –  Tilted Duster ?
Baby/Toddler knit – Baby Tiered Coat and Jacket ?
Bag -  Grrlfriend Market Bag ?
MCN Knitting
Older Child knit (5+)
Shawl or scarf

finish 10 projects!

Big Red
Pattern: Sweet Little Bird by Raynor Gellatly

DSCF1735 - resized

Traveling Woman
Lets Go Shopping - Market Bag
Buddy Bag

(The items in the last category might move up to the “1 of each” category if they fit, which will make room for more variety)