Thursday, April 1, 2010

Woolly Mail

Last month a friend of mine, Julia released a pattern for some quick and easy (not to mention cute) snakes, “Snakes & Adders

She then held a competition, which was simply to knit a snake!  How easy was that?  So that's what I did, then DP saw me knitting one up and decided he’d knit one too.  And low and behold he won!

And because I’d made him enter it, he let me choose the gift – we ended up going with a vanilla soaker for Morgan to wear at night time to hopefully stop the leaks we’ve been having.  Here’s the lovely package we received in the mail this morning.


Close up of the Stitchmarkers


Morgan was more than happy to try on the soaker for mummy but wouldn’t stay still long enough for me to get decent photos.



Thanks Julia!! They fit perfectly (and I’ve even saved the chocolate for DP) :P