Friday, August 21, 2009

FO Lollipop

Delayed post but nonetheless :P
IMG_5340 - resized
Pattern : Rainbow Dress by Tikki
Yarn : Contrast - 44gms of Sullivans Cozy Wool
Main Colour - 122gms of Te Awa Wools Natural Wools - Rainbow Colourway

Have always wanted to try a big sized Rainbow Dress (read – bigger than the dolls size I made earlier this year) so when a non-knitting friend asked if someone could make one for her daughter I thought why not. Tried to make it between a size 12 months and a 2 but it didn’t work out very well and when I tried it on Morgan for size – it was a tad tight, so ended up making a size 2.

Very easy and quick knit when I was actually knitting it, would have finished it a whole lot quicker if I wasn’t distracted so easily. Also made a matching hat but forgot to take a photo of the finished project.

Rainbow Dress - Lollipop

This version of the Rainbow Dress was knit using the free pattern before it was updated. The Rainbow Dress is now a pay pattern and can be bought from here or here. Tikki has put alot of work into the updated copy which now comes in sized NB – 10years making it a great value for money :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Yarn Dying!

Never fear, this isn’t actually about yarn actually dying, it’s about dying wool in all sorts of pretty colours!! 

Yarn dying is something I’ve had some fun with over the last few months. One of the forums I belong to started doing yarn swaps last year in which you have to pick a theme, hand dye some wool and come up with a package with other bits and pieces for your recipient.  I’ve joined in 3 of these now and have had a lot of fun doing them :) Here’s some of the yarn I’ve dyed (keep in mind I’ve only been using food colouring up until now :) )

Yarn Swap Photos

Stay tuned for some FO posts from me shortly! Oh, and you’ll probably get a whole heap more pictures like this one in my posts, am liking picasa’s photo collages at the moment :)