Friday, August 21, 2009

FO Lollipop

Delayed post but nonetheless :P
IMG_5340 - resized
Pattern : Rainbow Dress by Tikki
Yarn : Contrast - 44gms of Sullivans Cozy Wool
Main Colour - 122gms of Te Awa Wools Natural Wools - Rainbow Colourway

Have always wanted to try a big sized Rainbow Dress (read – bigger than the dolls size I made earlier this year) so when a non-knitting friend asked if someone could make one for her daughter I thought why not. Tried to make it between a size 12 months and a 2 but it didn’t work out very well and when I tried it on Morgan for size – it was a tad tight, so ended up making a size 2.

Very easy and quick knit when I was actually knitting it, would have finished it a whole lot quicker if I wasn’t distracted so easily. Also made a matching hat but forgot to take a photo of the finished project.

Rainbow Dress - Lollipop

This version of the Rainbow Dress was knit using the free pattern before it was updated. The Rainbow Dress is now a pay pattern and can be bought from here or here. Tikki has put alot of work into the updated copy which now comes in sized NB – 10years making it a great value for money :)


  1. I love seeing Rainbow Rainbow dresses!

  2. Gorgeous. Great choice for the lollipop