Monday, August 3, 2009

Yarn Dying!

Never fear, this isn’t actually about yarn actually dying, it’s about dying wool in all sorts of pretty colours!! 

Yarn dying is something I’ve had some fun with over the last few months. One of the forums I belong to started doing yarn swaps last year in which you have to pick a theme, hand dye some wool and come up with a package with other bits and pieces for your recipient.  I’ve joined in 3 of these now and have had a lot of fun doing them :) Here’s some of the yarn I’ve dyed (keep in mind I’ve only been using food colouring up until now :) )

Yarn Swap Photos

Stay tuned for some FO posts from me shortly! Oh, and you’ll probably get a whole heap more pictures like this one in my posts, am liking picasa’s photo collages at the moment :)

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