Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

picking leaves

Morgans Scone

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas came early

I’ve wanted to get the girls a trampoline for as long as I can remember, so this year I suggested to DPs parents that instead of buying the girls separate presents this year they could put some money towards a trampoline and we’d pay the rest.

We went and bought the trampoline on Sunday and decided that we’d put it up early, so off we set with Moo’s help.

Reading the instructionsDSCF1128 - resized

 Helping to lay the poles outDSCF1131 - resized
I can lift it mum!
DSCF1132 - resized
Not many photos after this point as I had to help :P The trampoline is a lot bigger than I thought it was (don’t ask me how big I thought 14ft was coz I have nooo idea) but it turns out it’s the perfect size

DSCF1134 - resized 
Morgan wasn’t too sure about it at first – took her a long time to even get on it, but in the end she was bouncing and jumping (although its a completely different today – she won’t even go near the thing)

DSCF1153 - resized

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Start of Many

DSCF1030 - resized

Got some delicious woolly mail from Kelly the other day.  A few months ago Kelly ordered some wool on behalf on me from Jolly Jumbucks (and a lot of other kiwi gals :P ), I couldn’t decide what colour to get so I asked her to choose something for me – the only request was it had to be girly so I could knit something up for Morgan. 


So here we have 100g of the nicest hand-dyed wool I’ve ever felt – Paper Roses on Ceridwen which is 3ply 100% Merino (worsted). A creamily soft yarn with three plies from Uruguay. (just in case that means anything to anybody :) )  Hard to get a true colour of all the pinks but its absolutely gorgeous and girly.

But of course, now Morgan has decided she doesn’t like it and everytime I ask her if she wants mummy to knit something for her with it she yells “Nooo”, so maybe I’ll knit up something for her big sister.  Any ideas?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

ignore the dirty windows
miss morgan

Boring Post Alert

you’ve been warned…this is a short boring post with no pictures.

Forgot all about last weeks “Wordless Wednesday” – ok well that's only half the truth, I did remember – even took pics but then forgot to pop them up and although I did think about putting them up on Thursday, figured that would be cheating.

Due to the camera slowly dying (I’ve got bad luck with cameras at the moment) and falling to pieces this weeks Wordless Wednesday post will be from last weeks pics.  The good news is we’re planning on buying a new camera on Friday, but I’m secretly hoping DP will have time to go and buy it after work tonight, or tomorrow!

Not much knitting going on at the moment – have lost my knitting mojo.  Am planning on knitting up some dishcloths for someone today/tomorrow so hopefully that will fix it, as I have so much baby knitting to do (unfortunately not for me – mostly family members with a few friends chucked in there too)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

FO Birthday Top

Time for another FO post!!

Ok, so I’m very unimaginative and couldn’t think of a better name than that...since its for a birthday present and its a top, made sense to me at the time :P
Pattern : Kaia Babydoll by Rachel Evans
Yarn : (don’t shoot me) Some acrylic I had in my stash

Another (kind of) test knit here (told you I love test knitting? – nothing better than having a deadline and being one of the first people to try out someone elses brilliant ideas)  I was supposed to doing the sz 2 version of the revised Kaia Babydoll but am waiting for my yarn to arrive, so I thought I’d knit up a 12 month size for my niece who’s birthday is the day before Morgans.

Love the pattern, very quick and easy and I love the way it looks. I didn’t do the lace down the bottom as per the pattern because I was knitting in acrylic (don’t like acrylic as much as I used to and found it very squeaky so after the acrylic I have is gone I’ll stick to nicer yarns :P ) and I wasn’t sure whether or not the lace would come out ok so I did a ruffle that came out looking gorgeous even if I do say so myself. 

Will definitely knit this pattern again, hopefully some of the pregnant people I know will have some girls :D

(click for a better view – will open in new window)BirthdayTop 
Stay tuned for Morgans Top in a couple of weeks (this time in cotton and acrylic – yes I know acrylic again but apparently the stuff I’ve chosen is one of the better acrylics but we’ll see)

On a completely unrelated topic, this will be my third post in 2 days, thats like a world record for me, and 6 posts for October!  – I normally would have given up blogging by now but this time I’m quite enjoying it :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

sisterly love! Shoes!




October at a Glance


I’ve been trying to think of new things to do on here so that you guys have more crap stuff to read/look at.  So first up we have
“At a Glance” which if I’m organised will be posted at the end of each month…possibly the beginning of the next. But if you know me, you’ll also know that I’m not a very organised person :P

Highlights in October

  • DP and I celebrated 9 years of being together (big thanks to Kelly for helping me with the gift)
  • Zoe doing swimming lessons with her school and doing great!
  • My SIL having her first baby – Logan
  • Morgan’s 2nd birthday!
  • Getting a CL to knit and sell Milo Vests! (ok…not as important as the other ones but it makes it on my list :P )

I was hoping to add a photo part to this post – but due to our camera being broken, there weren’t too many photos taken – found a couple from Morgans birthday (hopefully I’ll be able to add photos to Novembers “At a Glance”)

Dad and Morgan taking her new bike for a spinDSCF1841

Morgan's Birthday Cake, its the first one I’ve made – so don’t look to closely (normally DP’s mum makes the cakes)DSCF1850

Stay tuned for “Wordless Wednesdays”  which I’ve just realised is today…