Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Boring Post Alert

you’ve been warned…this is a short boring post with no pictures.

Forgot all about last weeks “Wordless Wednesday” – ok well that's only half the truth, I did remember – even took pics but then forgot to pop them up and although I did think about putting them up on Thursday, figured that would be cheating.

Due to the camera slowly dying (I’ve got bad luck with cameras at the moment) and falling to pieces this weeks Wordless Wednesday post will be from last weeks pics.  The good news is we’re planning on buying a new camera on Friday, but I’m secretly hoping DP will have time to go and buy it after work tonight, or tomorrow!

Not much knitting going on at the moment – have lost my knitting mojo.  Am planning on knitting up some dishcloths for someone today/tomorrow so hopefully that will fix it, as I have so much baby knitting to do (unfortunately not for me – mostly family members with a few friends chucked in there too)

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