Friday, November 20, 2009

The Start of Many

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Got some delicious woolly mail from Kelly the other day.  A few months ago Kelly ordered some wool on behalf on me from Jolly Jumbucks (and a lot of other kiwi gals :P ), I couldn’t decide what colour to get so I asked her to choose something for me – the only request was it had to be girly so I could knit something up for Morgan. 


So here we have 100g of the nicest hand-dyed wool I’ve ever felt – Paper Roses on Ceridwen which is 3ply 100% Merino (worsted). A creamily soft yarn with three plies from Uruguay. (just in case that means anything to anybody :) )  Hard to get a true colour of all the pinks but its absolutely gorgeous and girly.

But of course, now Morgan has decided she doesn’t like it and everytime I ask her if she wants mummy to knit something for her with it she yells “Nooo”, so maybe I’ll knit up something for her big sister.  Any ideas?

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