Thursday, November 5, 2009

FO Birthday Top

Time for another FO post!!

Ok, so I’m very unimaginative and couldn’t think of a better name than that...since its for a birthday present and its a top, made sense to me at the time :P
Pattern : Kaia Babydoll by Rachel Evans
Yarn : (don’t shoot me) Some acrylic I had in my stash

Another (kind of) test knit here (told you I love test knitting? – nothing better than having a deadline and being one of the first people to try out someone elses brilliant ideas)  I was supposed to doing the sz 2 version of the revised Kaia Babydoll but am waiting for my yarn to arrive, so I thought I’d knit up a 12 month size for my niece who’s birthday is the day before Morgans.

Love the pattern, very quick and easy and I love the way it looks. I didn’t do the lace down the bottom as per the pattern because I was knitting in acrylic (don’t like acrylic as much as I used to and found it very squeaky so after the acrylic I have is gone I’ll stick to nicer yarns :P ) and I wasn’t sure whether or not the lace would come out ok so I did a ruffle that came out looking gorgeous even if I do say so myself. 

Will definitely knit this pattern again, hopefully some of the pregnant people I know will have some girls :D

(click for a better view – will open in new window)BirthdayTop 
Stay tuned for Morgans Top in a couple of weeks (this time in cotton and acrylic – yes I know acrylic again but apparently the stuff I’ve chosen is one of the better acrylics but we’ll see)

On a completely unrelated topic, this will be my third post in 2 days, thats like a world record for me, and 6 posts for October!  – I normally would have given up blogging by now but this time I’m quite enjoying it :)


  1. I think the ruffle just finishes the dress off nicely! So pretty :)

  2. I really like the ruffle too! I'm thinking of doing the same with my test knit :)