Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas came early

I’ve wanted to get the girls a trampoline for as long as I can remember, so this year I suggested to DPs parents that instead of buying the girls separate presents this year they could put some money towards a trampoline and we’d pay the rest.

We went and bought the trampoline on Sunday and decided that we’d put it up early, so off we set with Moo’s help.

Reading the instructionsDSCF1128 - resized

 Helping to lay the poles outDSCF1131 - resized
I can lift it mum!
DSCF1132 - resized
Not many photos after this point as I had to help :P The trampoline is a lot bigger than I thought it was (don’t ask me how big I thought 14ft was coz I have nooo idea) but it turns out it’s the perfect size

DSCF1134 - resized 
Morgan wasn’t too sure about it at first – took her a long time to even get on it, but in the end she was bouncing and jumping (although its a completely different today – she won’t even go near the thing)

DSCF1153 - resized

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