Monday, July 25, 2011

A Winter Wonderland

Warning – picture heavy post follows..

This is what awaited us when we woke up on this cold winters morning

DSCF4753 - resized

DSCF4786 - resized

DSCF4792 - resized

After a toasty warm breakfast of porridge, the girls dressed up nice and warm and ventured out into the snow.

DSCF4779 - resized

DSCF4784 - resized

And practised making some snow angels in the backyard

DSCF4795 - resized

DSCF4794 - resized

DSCF4796 - resized

Then we decided to dress up nice and warm and take a walk around the corner to the park.  We weren’t the only one who had this idea, there were about 4 other families there.

DSCF4803 - resized

DSCF4804 - resized

DSCF4807 - resized

DSCF4824 - resized

Morgan making more snow angels

DSCF4828 - resized

GEDC0172 - resized

On our way home, Morgan decided she was pretty thirsty…

DSCF4837 - resized

DSCF4843 - resized

Apologies to any Facebook friends reading this blog post who may have already seen these photos.


  1. Is this uncommon for you? Forgive me, I thought you'd have snow before this!

  2. Hiya, while it isn't odd for Christchurch to get the occasional dusting of snow - it never really snows enough to settle on the ground. The last time it snowed this much was back in 1992 :)