Wednesday, October 7, 2009

FO Spring Butterfly

Ok – first up, I messed up my blogs colours while trying to play with the layout yesterday so excuse the look for a couple of days - all fixed

DSCF1799 - resized
Pattern : Spring Butterfly by Rachel Evans
Yarn : The Wool Company Utiku, 89gms Raspberry, 93gms Sunset

As I mentioned before I was lucky enough to test the Spring Butterfly for Rachel. She’s resizing one of her patterns from sizes NB-5y.

Such an easy knit, although I’m going to admit it took me a few tries to get the butterfly at the back but that's more to do with my skills not the pattern. I was also surprised at how quickly it seemed to knit up, especially for someone who’s purl rows take twice as long as her knit rows.

The bodice is double stranded with a cute picot bind off on the arms, I also chose to do a picot bind off down the bottom to tie it all in together :D

Will definitely be making this pattern again – it’s absolutely gorgeous.

(click for a bigger view)Spring Butterfly

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