Monday, February 14, 2011

For Hope

bec and Hope

Hope is a little Wellington girl who is turning 4 this week, she was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago.  Rachael (who took the stunning photos) summed it up when she wrote “In New Zealand, when a child is diagnosed with cancer, they start receiving beads. The beads are part of their story and recognise and honour a child’s bravery throughout their journey with child cancer. They are collected at each hospital visit, and for each treatment they receive on their journey” And yes, Hope, 2 years on from her first diagnosis has 900 beads.  Hope had been in remission and had been treatment free for about 5 months.

hopes beads 2

Her family has recently learnt that Hope’s cancer has returned and is spreading, unfortunately this time it cannot be treated and her family have been given a very short time frame to spend time with her.  There are so many people out there who are currently raising money for Hope and her family so they can enjoy as much time together without having to worry about the financial side of things. 

So I have teamed up with Hannah from Red Riding Hood Yarns for a raffle that I hope everyone will like. 

sorellofratello(click to enlarge)

With Georgies permission, I am offering to custom knit a Sorello or Fratello for a little person of your choosing.  The pattern starts at sz 6 months and I am willing to knit up to a sz 6.  I will be knitting with some gorgeous yarn from Red Riding Hood Yarns that Hannah is kindly donating and will custom dye in whatever colours the winner chooses.

Pictured below is some samples of the gorgeous yarn Hannah has dyed.

So, how do you enter?

- You must make a $5 donation to my bank account –
Kristina Roberts, 03 1700 0172932 001

-  After you've made your donation pop back here and leave your receipt number/reference with a comment and a way to get hold of you.

-  You can enter as many times as you like, so if you want to deposit for example $20, then you'll have 4 entries

- I will close this on Friday 26th February, winner will be drawn at 8.30pm New Zealand time.  Please keep in mind that any donations transferred on the 26th will not show in my account in time.

- I will accept PayPal donations from people overseas, my paypal address is (I would be extremely grateful if you could cover the fees so I don’t have to)

- After the closing date, all money raised will be passed on to Hope’s family.

Many thanks to Julia, who allowed me to borrow pictures of Hope and text from her Blog and to Georgie Hallam who allowed me the use of her photos of Sorello and Fratello


  1. Heya, I just donated $5, with reference "Erin Maxwell". All my love to Hope and family.

  2. I'm from Australia, I'd love the paypal details please!

  3. Hi there. I've just donated $5 into your account. ref: HeatherGaia. cheers

  4. Hi Krissie, what a lovely giveaway - I've just paid $10 to enter :)

  5. Hi Kristina, I've dontated $10 into your account. Reference is LouBlue

  6. Hi Kristina - just realised I used Kristen in the payment but right account number :-) Reference is hopedonation


    blessings to you!