Friday, February 11, 2011

Well Overdue – Part 2, Julia Stanfield

Welcome back to todays edition of Well Overdue, we now head into part 2 of goodness knows how many parts and today we focus on a good friend of mine, Julia Stanfield.  I was lucky enough to test-knit Julia’s 1st and 2nd designs and lets just say I hope they are not her last.

The first pattern, The Little Rascals, is actually 3 patterns in one.  First up, there is the Little Hoodlum that is a stylie modern looking hoodie.  I loved knitting this pattern, the way Julia has set things out, it is easy to follow and you can actually knit this without the hood if you prefer and add a collar instead – both options are great.


Again, like most of the patterns I like, this pattern comes in a wide range of sizes from NB to sz 10 making it definitely value for your money.  It can also be knit in both 8ply and 10ply yarn, how awesome is that? 


But remember how I said it’s technically 3 patterns in 1? The other options that I haven’t finished knitting yet are Young Einstein, which is a  v-necked cardigan or jacket and Hotshot, which is a v-necked vestee, again both options can be knit with a hood or collar or just left plain which looks equally as good.

The 2nd design is Teacher's Pet, which is a gorgeous, simple seamless dress with so many options to get a unique dress every time.

I ran out of time on this one, but like its predecessor, this little beauty can also be knit with a hood to keep those little heads warm, other options for this pattern are a belt and belt loops, eyelet holes so you can add a ribbon or an i-cord,  different hem options and 3 different options for the skirt - a full skirt, a box pleat and a petal style pleat. (pictured above is the box pleat, and below is the full skirt with ruffle hem)


This pattern is  available in sizes from 3m to sz 4, and can be knit in either 8ply or 10ply.  The pattern is well set out, easy to read and a rather quick knit.  I have plans for a full skirt one for my little miss for the coming winter, and I don’t think that will be my last.



  1. Wow! Fancy that! My name in a blog title - *blush* - thanks Krissie :)

  2. Hi, I wish you can take two minutes to answer this question...

    I purchased the rascals ebook patterns and I finished a hotshot size 21 and i am doing a size 19 now and there is an instruction that i don't understand.

    For the hood, i picked up 5 stitches each side edge of the V now i have 68 s just like I am suppose to have however in Hood row 2 (rs) i am noticing you recommend to increase 6 stitches evenly across the knit stitches

    You wrote in the center

    Not sure how to position the m1b and m1f

    I was thinking

    6 moss k1 p1 + k2 m1b, k11 m1b, k11 m1b, k10 m1f, k11 m1f, k11 m1f + k2 + 6 moss k1 p1

    After when i looked at the chart i noticed a total of 3 (rs) row increase and the total of 80 which doesn't work since 3x6 = 18 + 68 = 86.

    Do you know if i stop after 2 (rs) of increase if it will be fine or did i get the instruction wrong?

    thanks. Sophie